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Community Programs

There is a range of existing programs run through government and non-government organisations which you can call on to advise or assist you with your Take Me Outside NSW project. Some examples include:

NSW Return and Earn Scheme - collect and recycle eligible drink cartons to help monitor waste and recycling in your school, and help you raise funds for your project. On their website, check out the Community page which applies to you, and see how you can work with Return and Earn on your project. 

A great example of how Return and Earn can be utilised by your school is in a recent article here on Hennessy College in Young NSW, via NSW EPA Connect Newsletter.

Local councils often have school and community programs focusing on waste recycling and management, and may also have some support for environmental activities within their local government area. To find your local council, head to the NSW Office of Local Government.
Junior Landcare


Junior Landcare, as part of Landcare Australia, offers a range of learning activities in the Junior Landcare Learning Centre and associated Educator Hub to encourage environmental sustainability activities at school, at home or in your community. Junior Landcare Grants are regularly offered to schools, early childhood centres, before and after school centres and youth groups in NSW to help develop local environmental projects. Search the National Landcare Directory with your postcode to find your local Landcare group.

Landcare NSW is 'a community-based approach to managing and protecting our natural resources through creating more productive and sustainable farms, conserving our environment and building more cohesive and resilient communities', and has been working hard for these changes for over 30 years. Look up your local NSW Landcare Coordinator who can provide advice to you on working with local Landcare groups, selections for improving biodiversity and networking in your local area.

Other helpful Landcare websites are the Landcare NSW Gateway (useful templates and group information), and Landcare Australia's website has information on how schools can be part of Junior Landcare.

Nature Play NSW, is part of the Nature Play Australia Network, which helps to spread the nature play message to families and communities and to work to increase access and participation to nature play plus resources, events and programs.  


Take 3 for the Sea work with the community and schools to raise awareness and action about litter and marine debris. Their message is a simple action - 'take three pieces of rubbish when you leave a beach, waterway or anywhere, and you have made a difference.' Take 3 have a fantastic education program for schools and early childhood which you can find on their website, with lots more information on plastic pollution.


Clean Up Australia has been organising the long-running Clean Up Australia Day for clean up of litter and waste in our parks, creeks, and neighbourhoods. For clean up resources and how to be part of Clean Up Australia Day as part of your project, head to their website for more information.

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